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000744.jpgForcibly returned to Algeria in 2010, former Guantanamo 
prisoner Abdul Aziz Naji has been sentenced to three years 
in prison. 

Charges were based on unsubstantiated accusations the US 
administration made against him in 2002. But the cruel 
outcome of this case rests squarely on the shoulders of the 

photo c/o The New York Times "Guantanamo Docket"

While not the last word on the subject of reparations -- Jose Padilla can appeal the decision and his separate suit against John Yoo is still pending -- the Fourth Circuit's decision to excuse unlawful detention undermines the principle that government officials should be held accountable for their illegal conduct.
navipillay.jpg"It is ten years since the US Government opened the prison at Guantánamo, and now three years since 22 January 2009, when the President ordered its closure within twelve months. Yet the facility continues to exist and individuals remain arbitrarily detained -- indefinitely -- in clear breach of international law.  
- Navi Pillay, High Commissioner for Human Rights

When people stand up together to resist the crimes of their government, including wars of aggression, something beautiful can emerge.

"To me, the most important reason that the Occupy movement must take a leadership role in pushing back against the current demonization of Iran is that the idea of accepting people -- even those who look different from oneself -- is so central to the entire Occupy movement - Joe Scarry

Why Occupy Wall Street Should Lead the "No Iran War!" Resistance

graduationprotestmontage3-thumb-275x221-thumb-275x221.jpgThe University of California's advocacy for the U.S. 
Torture State began with a rather banal defense of 
employee John Yoo, whose conduct and work at 
the Bush/Cheney Justice Department fell far outside 
established ethical standards. Berkeley Law Dean 
Christopher Edley sticks with his misapplication of 
the principle of 'academic freedom' to provide safe 
harbor to his subordinate, despite repeated 
rebuttals from those who correctly understand that 
unethical, criminal and immoral action in the service 
of government are not protected.

Photo montage: students at the 2008 Berkeley Law graduation raise a banner as an airplane circles overhead

"the more we can educate the better! Clearly, the more we can reach outside our 
'anti-torture groups' to the larger uninformed, apathetic public, the better, either through 
demonstrations or through sharing such news and photographs with those friends, 
relatives, and citizenry who are not paying attention to the issues of war, war crimes and 
war blowback -- Coleen Rowley, former FBI Special Agent
There are people who actually debate this. Unfortunately, the answer is YES, and 
Obama HAS. The question is: why do we allow it? What are we going to do to stop 
the practice? And, if it's not "OK" to do this to Americans, what does this say about 
how we treat "others"?
"In a very real sense, the world no longer has a choice between force and law. If civilization is to survive, it must choose the rule of law. -- President Dwight D. Eisenhower's 1958 warning

see Law Always Beats War by Benjamin B. Ferencz

On the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Bush administration's, now Obama's prison at Guantanamo Bay, anyone with a heart, a conscience or a respect for the rule of law calls for closure of that facility and accountability for those who enable its continued use.

Beneath the Blindfold

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Meet the Press

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Come to the first anti-torture protest action of the new semester, because Torture Professor John Yoo is back teaching Constitutional Law.  You're invited to a PRESS CONFERENCE TUESDAY JAN. 17 at 11 AM outside Boalt Hall, followed by a procession of Guantanamo and Bagram prisoners.  Besides keeping the spotlight of truth on John Yoo and TORTURE, people will also be condemning Yoo's war-mongering role in the current dangerous US belligerence against Iran.

John Yoo's Ongoing Falsehoods in Service of Limitless Government Power

In a rare U.S. appearance, author and filmmaker Andy Worthington spoke with renowned investigative journalist Jason Leopold (Truthout) at two Bay Area events Friday. 


A video of the discussion sponsored by the Hastings Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, "TEN YEARS OF GUANTANAMO", will be posted on this website soon.

To our friends and supporters who came to the evening reception for Andy and Jason - thank you! We are so glad to have been able to break bread and spend time with all of you, old friends and new. It was a great evening of spirited conversation, enjoying the rousing musical performance of David Rovics and the passionate paintings on display by artist Sharon Gadsberry (used in her "Gitmo 101" video satirizing John Yoo's position at Berkeley Law). You are part of a very important community of resistance, and we thank you for your generous financial donations to our work to close Guantánamo and stop the torture. 

but, accountability for those responsible and compensation to survivors would be a good place to start.

Regardless of the law's applicability to U.S. citizens, indefinite detention in a military facility without charge can be tantamount to torture, causing profound health consequences...

Indefinite detention: Instrument of tyranny

convention against torture

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"The US has a legal obligation to investigate these crimes... If the US doesn't act on them, other countries should. - Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch

Spanish judge resumes Guantanamo investigation

"Today, prisoners at Guantanamo will embark on a peaceful protest, involving sit-ins and hunger strikes, to protest about their continued detention, and the continued existence of the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, three years after President Obama came to office promising to close it within a year, and to show their appreciation of the protests being mounted on their behalf  by US citizens, who are gathering in Washington D.C. on Wednesday to stage a rally and march to urge the President to fulfill his broken promise...

join the campaign to Close Guantanamo
Protesters march through the Minneapolis skyways


Ten years ago, on Jan 9, 2002, John Yoo and Robert Delahunty wrote the infamous memo which argued that the Geneva Conventions did not apply to the treatment of prisoners who were Al Qaeda or Taliban or "non-state" or rogue state combatants. This memo had the cornerstone effect of providing a green light for the harsh treatment of detainees in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and CIA "black sites" worldwide.

why 28 Minnesotans marched through the Skyways of downtown Minneapolis

UC Berkeley Billboard

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