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In a rare U.S. appearance, author and filmmaker Andy Worthington spoke with renowned investigative journalist Jason Leopold (Truthout) at two Bay Area events Friday. 


A video of the discussion sponsored by the Hastings Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, "TEN YEARS OF GUANTANAMO", will be posted on this website soon.

To our friends and supporters who came to the evening reception for Andy and Jason - thank you! We are so glad to have been able to break bread and spend time with all of you, old friends and new. It was a great evening of spirited conversation, enjoying the rousing musical performance of David Rovics and the passionate paintings on display by artist Sharon Gadsberry (used in her "Gitmo 101" video satirizing John Yoo's position at Berkeley Law). You are part of a very important community of resistance, and we thank you for your generous financial donations to our work to close Guantánamo and stop the torture. 

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