There are 61 illegally detained men left at Guantanamo, including 18 uncharged "forever prisoners." Not a single senior official has yet faced accountability for the systematic torture of detainees.

Guantánamo's ill-conceived structures cannot provide justice. "Instead of fair trials in federal court, the U.S. government chose to create a pseudo-court system from scratch, in the form of military commissions that fall short of international fair trial standards," writes Amnesty International USA's Elizabeth Beavers. "The failed military commissions could continue without change and without justice, if the public continues to ignore that they're happening."

"Indefinite detention is a violation of international human rights law," continues Beavers... "By continuing to prop up a parallel detention system in which individuals can be held for more than a decade without charge or trial, the United States has a built a dangerous precedent upon which human rights violations can be normalized and then expanded upon. 

bush_obama-620x412.jpg"If a constituency exists for Trump's extreme anti-terror agenda it's because Republicans and Democrats alike have spent the last fifteen years cultivating paranoia, secrecy, and deference to executive authority," writes Sam Adler-Bell, policy associate at the Century Foundation in New York. 

"We already live in a country engaged in an interminable, boundless war against an ill-defined enemy -- a war in which any degree of constitutional compromise can be justified. If we don't want to live in that country, we have to do more than reject Trump's abhorrent policies... 

The U.N. special rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association just spent 17 days traveling across the United States, observing "a long arc of systemic oppression that African Americans have faced in the United States, from the era of slavery to the Black Lives Matter movement," writes Max Bearak, Staff Writer for The Washington Post. 

"From the grief-stricken cities of Baton Rouge and Ferguson, Mo., roiled by the killings of unarmed black men by police officers, to the contentious political battlegrounds of convention-week Cleveland and Philadelphia, Maina Kiai witnessed a country riven by inequality and ideological polarization." His report will be presented to the U.N. Human Rights Council in June 2017.
Human Rights Watch has just released its report, Extreme Measures: Abused Children Detained As National Security Threats.

During U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. forces apprehended and detained thousands of boys suspected of participating in armed activities. In Iraq alone, the U.S. confirmed that between 2003 and 2008, it detained at least 2,400 children.

Institute for Political Economy blogger Paul Craig Roberts recalls the torture memos written by Department of Justice officials: "The positions held by [Berkeley Law professor John] Yoo and [U.S. federal judge Jay] Bybee tell the world all that is needed to know that the United States is a lawless entity and that this lawlessness is accepted by America's legal, political, and educational institutions and by the American people." (
Many of us remember Yoo's argument that there is no law that could prevent the President from ordering the torture of a child of a suspect in custody - including by crushing that child's testicles.)  

"What self-respecting parent would send a son or daughter to study law at a university that hosts a 'legal scholar' who discounts law in behalf of torture?" asks Roberts. We think not one who recognizes that no country or government is above the law of human decency.
800px-TortureWaterboarding.jpg"Mr. Trump is on record as saying that he thinks 'torture works' and if elected president he'd not only bring back waterboarding but 'a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding'" opines Dr. Kelly Anspaugh. "Mr. Trump is also on record as asserting that he would fight terrorists by going after their family members...
See The Trojan Drone: An Illegal Military Strategy Disguised as Technological Advance by Rebecca Gordon, philosophy professor at the University of San Francisco

Who Is the "We"?

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Interpersonal racism, when it exists, is only one part of the equation. Another part is systemic, structurally racist policies, and yet another is class conflict between the police and the poorest, most dangerous communities they patrol, and between those who are better off and those who are not...

Will people living in the United States "shelter in place," speculating on possibilities to reform an illegitimate system? Or will they work to create a political situation where war for empire is repudiated, and the interests of humanity and the planet come first?

Why we're going to Philadelphia and how you can help

The ruling class faced fresh challenges to U.S. terror policy last week following the murder, by police, of two more men of color trapped in a brutal system of repression and displacement. Public outrage over the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile was substantial, spontaneous and determined. Government response to national protest has been two-fold: intimidation of participants with militarized police forces, and fabrication of a false "security" paradigm -- that suspension of civil rights is sometimes necessary, even desirable. 

NO! We reject the lie that a police state keeps us safe. The Obama administration would have you blame a "lack of trust that exists between law enforcement and too many of the communities they serve" for the violence perpetrated by killer cops. The reality is that distrust of police is well-founded.

We recognize that American lives are not more precious or deserving than others. The gratuitous violence visited on challengers to U.S. domination must stop. This will require a committed core of truth-tellers with the means to challenge politics-as-usual. World Can't Wait has a plan to accomplish just that; a Call for Action has been answered by a group of 14 representatives of that vision. We want to enable others to join events surrounding the Democratic Convention:

Join us in bringing the anti-war message to the DNC. It's up to us to deliver a message to the world that there are people living in this country who represent another way, giving them heart, courage and common cause. Resistance to U.S. war on the world is needed more than ever. Sign up to join us in protest and let us know your availability. If you're part of an organization, bring them along.

Donate Now

Can't come to Philadelphia to protest? Donate to support someone else to be part of visible resistance at the DNC. Funding is needed to transport model drones and produce materials and visual displays.

Who's Counting?

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U.S. Executioner-in-Chief Barack Obama gets away with murder on a daily basis. His killer drones program administers the death penalty without trial, accountability, transparency or justice. The wars of aggression on seven sovereign states -- Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia -- have contributed to more than 4,000 deaths by drones. 

When all the world's a war zone, civilians find little refuge. The President's loose definition of "enemy combatants" discounts the true human cost of U.S. hegemony over so-called "areas of active hostilities."  

"The only thing those numbers tell us is that this Administration simply doesn't know who it has killed," charges Jennifer Gibson of the international human rights group Reprieve.
chicago-reparations-1.jpgNot that you'd have found acknowledgment in the news. If anything, people living in the U.S. are displaying less empathy for the abused than ever. Including for compatriots in domestic prisons.

"Much of the United States' practice of torture finds its origin in punishment methods used against slaves and Indigenous peoples," writes London Guantánamo Campaign activist Aisha Maniar. "The use of torture in and by the U.S. is not a post-9/11 phenomenon." 

The Jon Burge saga, for example, goes back decades. 

The only real change has been globalization of U.S. torture practices.
The U.S. Senate is poised to give President Obama and the next president unprecedented war powers that amount to declaring martial law upon the entire world. Majority leader Mitch McConnell surprised almost everyone last week by saying he has a war resolution ready to be voted on at any time.

The resolution is a new authorization for use of military force (AUMF) for declaring war on ISIS. It would give the president even more power than the AUMF granted to Bush after 9/11, which is still in place today...

Ba Odah v. Obama

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Make no mistake: indefinite detention is torture. Just ask Tariq Ba Odah.

"There is no shortage of blame to go around for Guantánamo's continued operation," wrote Omar Farah, NYU Press. "In Tariq's view, the courts, lawmakers, and the president are all part of the same system that keeps him locked up and far from his family. I am hard-pressed to disagree. But, surely, as the person with ultimate power over Tariq's fate, President Obama bears unique responsibility for the fact that, as of this writing,* Tariq remains in isolation at Guantánamo, having passed the eighth anniversary of his hunger strike, bracing himself for his next feeding session."

*Tariq Ba Odah was transferred to Saudi Arabia on April 16, with no small thanks to the people who have stood by him.  
More than 800 pages of "new" CIA documents were released Tuesday, which the ACLU says highlight the "inhumanity of the torture conceived and carried out" by the CIA under the George W Bush administration. "It bears emphasis that these records document grave crimes for which no senior official has been held accountable," said deputy legal director Jameel Jaffer. 

Find bios for Bybee, Yoo, Haynes and more at
519Ph5EIZZL.jpg"From the look of the presidential campaign, war crimes are back on the American agenda," writes Mainstreaming Torture author Rebecca Gordon"We really shouldn't be surprised, because American officials got away with it last time -- and in the case of the drone wars continue to get away with it today. Still, there's nothing like the heady combination of a 'populist' Republican race for the presidency and a national hysteria over terrorism to make Americans want to reach for those 'enhanced interrogation techniques'. That, as critics have long argued, is what usually happens if war crimes aren't prosecuted." 

Gordon demands a full accounting for actors in America's war of terror, including one of the top candidates for prosecution, John Yoo.

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