The U.S. held Saeed Bakhouch at Guantánamo Bay for 20 years without charge, then sent him to have his rights violated in Algeria.

The fact of the matter is that there are no good options for these men," said American lawyer Candace Gorman. "Very few of these men have landed on their feet. Most have been treated as pariahs, whether they are at home or in some random country, because of the U.S. propaganda."

Project 2025 is the blueprint to institutionalize dictatorship, says Jim Zirin. Key architects of the Heritage Foundation's plan to return Donald Trump to the White House are intent on dissembling pesident Biden's 2020 victory. 

John Yoo, a former Justice Department official and authorof the infamous torture memos during the Bush administration, has composed a justification for retaliation prosecutions. 

Andy Worthington suggests the US Supreme Court presidential immunity ruling should come as no surprise; 22 years of Guantanamo demonstrated the tyranny of successive administrations.