June 26: International UN Day to Support Survivors of Torture

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C/o Witness Against Torture:

As if written for this day, an article in Al Jazeera reminds us that torture like that in Guantanamo not only haunts the lives of its survivors, but happens over and over, in places like Israel. "Lawyers and activists say the Israeli treatment of Palestinian prisoners bears all the hallmarks of 'US-style' abuse and torture."

As we decry all torture everywhere, we continue to let Guantanamo survivors know they are not forgotten. This is the final, final June campaign pitch (really!) from Guantanamo Survivors Fund. Deep, deep gratitude to those of you who have donated. If you haven't donated yet, now is a good time! Click this link to donate online or write a check to Guantanamo Survivors Fund -- and then tell your friends.

Horrific testimonies: Israeli army tortures Palestinians in Gaza physically and psychologically

Photo c/o Euro-Med Human Rights Monitorhttps://reliefweb.int/report/occupied-palestinian-territory/horrific-testimonies-israeli-army-tortures-palestinians-gaza-physically-and-psychologically-enar

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