UC Chancellor Robert Birgeneau "OK" with Torture... are you?

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Noting that nothing about Berkeley is quite as straightforward as it seems..."We're actually a fairly broad church here," Birgeneau says, "we've got the law professor John Yoo, who has been a prime advocate of the US government's torture policy, and the biggest student club on campus is the Republican."

Birgeneau is too much of a diplomat to admit to any disappointment at this; rather he mentions it in the spirit of live and let live. For whatever anyone might say about Berkeley, most people rub along fairly well together...  

Fortunately, the administrator's accommodation of a war criminal on the Boalt Hall faculty has been challenged by the community at large. 

Economics Professor Brad DeLong submitted a letter to the chancellor: 

I have reached the conclusion that what Berkeley Law School Dean Chris Edley calls John Yoo's "Torture Memo" is professional misconduct of a level demanding his dismissal from the University of California.

The National Lawyers Guild Bay Area Chapter wrote their own: 

the University of California should step forward with strong moral leadership, granting Yoo the due process that his memos denied many others at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere, by instituting a formal investigation and implementing whatever discipline the investigation justifies.

The City of Berkeley passed a Resolution:

Under these circumstances asking for a University investigation is an appropriate step that will allow the University to determine whether of not Mr. Yoo should be sanctioned by the University.

Berkeley Law students' Boalt Alliance to Abolish Torture asked

"whether a lawyer-professor who seriously breaches standards of professional conduct should be teaching future lawyers."

National Accountability Action Network director Cynthia Papermaster protested outside California Hall, clarifying that

academic freedom was not the issue. "Its about his actions [at the Department of Justice]."

World Can't Wait, Progressive Democrats of America, Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute, the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee, and Reverend Kurt Kuhwald have initiated a "Berkeley Says NO To Torture" Week.

People of conscience continue with their message: 


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