"Trahsion des Professeurs" (Treason of the Professors) May Not Be the Most Provocative Thing Professor William Bradford Has Written,

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but his appointment to the Office of Legal Counsel job once occupied by Berkeley Law employee John Yoo would prove a dangerous addition to the white supremacist program being developed by cabinet position apologists for presidential war crime. 

It's doubtful that Yoo will be asked to join the Trump administration; his questioning of the president-elect's ideological reliability should preclude that nightmare. Disgraced former West Point instructor William Bradford is "all but wetting his pants in his incontinent eagerness to fill the post," writes libertarian blogger William Grigg. "The idea that academic dissenters from the 'Global War on Terrorism,' and attorneys who represent terrorism suspects, should be treated as enemy combatants" should be wake-up call to all witnesses to Donald Trump's ascension to power.

"As the incoming [National Security Law Journal] Editorial Board, we want to address concerns regarding Mr. Bradford's contention that some scholars in legal academia could be considered as constituting a fifth column in the war against terror; his interpretation is that those scholars could be targeted as unlawful combatants," editor-in-chief Myers wrote. "The substance of Mr. Bradford's article cannot fairly be considered apart from the egregious breach of professional decorum that it exhibits. We cannot 'unpublish' it, of course, but we can and do acknowledge that the article was not presentable for publication when we published it, and that we therefore repudiate it with sincere apologies to our readers."

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