About Those Justifications Torture Apologists Trot Out...

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"Persuading any given individual is only part of the purpose of a discussion like this one. In fact, there's a much more important function: by subjecting dogmatic, fearful, irrational opinions to the light of reason, we expose them for what they are. And over time, views that were once respectable become untenable, and then increasingly disreputable, until finally even the few people who still cling to them are too embarrassed to utter them in polite society. This is the very history of the fight against racism, bigotry, and intolerance." And torture, author Barry Eisler adds.

Indict John Yoo for War Crimes
Saturday October 29, 1:00 pm
Boalt Hall, Room 105  

For years Berkeley Law administrators feigned helplessness to respond to charges of ethical misconduct against professor Yoo. That academic hand-wringing has been supplanted by promotion of the un-constitutional construct of 'unitary executive theory' advanced in defense of imperial warfare. Failure to hold the author of the 'Torture Memos' accountable contributes to the lawlessness exhibited by today's endless wars for Empire. 

Many of us remember Barry's participation in Berkeley's "Say No to Torture" Week. The author of Inside Out continues to expose the crimes of our government to readers outside the usual cadre of human rights activists -- including students struggling to find their role in construction of a just, and habitable, future.  

It is up to us to call out criminals and enablers alike. Please respond to this solicitation with determined commitment to repudiate the illegitimate ramblings of an unrepentant war criminal. Contact World Can't Wait to tell us how you want to contribute to this Saturday's action, sf@worldcantwait.net. We especially need volunteers to present the contents of our Bush/Bybee Torture Museum, those 'enhanced interrogation techniques' reviewed and approved by Berkeley's own state torture architect. 

John Yoo Belongs in Prison, Not Mentoring the Next Generation of Lawyers and Judges!

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