OPR report confirms need for disciplinary proceedings

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The DisbarTortureLawyers Campaign will file findings today to supplement fifteen disbarment complaints already being reviewed by state bar disciplinary committees. 

""The Department of Justice, through the actions of DOJ attorney David Margolis, wants to keep the OPR report from reaching the various disciplinary committees that have active disbarment complaints pending," said attorney and campaign spokesperson Kevin Zeese.  "Fortunately, we are not bound by the DOJ's obstructions, and will therefore be filing the OPR report with the disciplinary boards today.  And of course, as Mr. Margolis admits, those boards are required to make an independent determination of the information and evidence in the report.  Moreover, even if the boards only considered Margolis' finding of 'poor judgment,' they can still order disbarment.  But in combination with the OPR report and all the other overwhelming information we have already provided, we believe that the boards will find that the torture attorneys, such asJohn YooJay BybeeDavid AddingtonWilliam HaynesAlberto Gonzales and Stephen Bradbury, must be disbarred."

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