COMING EVENT: U.S. v. John Lindh...

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Implications of an Extraordinary Case
Monday March 1, 12:45 pm, room 100, Boalt Hall

Frank Lindh, Boalt lecturer, General Counsel for the California Public Utiliites Commission, and the father of John Walker Lindh.  Introduction by Amnesty International field organizer William Butkus.

Labeled the "American Taliban" by the media, 29-year-old John grew up here in the Bay Area, converted to Islam at age 16, studied overseas, and found his way to Afghanistan several months before the 9/11 attacks. One of few survivors a Fall 2001 prisoner massacre, John suffered torture and abuse by American forces, and was referred to by President Bush and other powerful officials as an "al Qaeda fighter" and a terrorist. John is now quietly serving a 20-year sentence in federal prison, after pleading guilty to providing "material services" to the Taliban government, in violation of economic sanctions President Clinton had imposed on the Taliban. As part of John's plea bargain, the government agreed to drop all terrorism-related charges. 

Brought to you by the Boalt Alliance to Abolish Torture, Amnesty International, Boalt Hall Committee for Human Rights, Boalt Muslim Students Association, Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Law, Middle Eastern Law Students Association, National Lawyers Guild - Boalt Chapter, and Native American Law Student Association.

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