Boalt Alliance to Abolish Torture (BAAT) press release

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February 22, 2010                                                          


Berkeley Law Students Applaud DOJ Report Findings, Torture Memo Lawyers Engaged in Misconduct:

Urge Congress, State Bar and University to Investigate


Student members of the Boalt Alliance to Abolish Torture (BAAT) at Berkeley Law School, where John Yoo is a tenured professor, applauded the findings in the report and expressed dismay over the new facts revealed, including that Yoo "knowingly provided incomplete and one-sided advice." OPR Report, p. 252. As a tenured professor of law, the OPR report concludes "by a preponderance of the evidence" that Yoo "knowingly failed to present a sufficiently thorough, objective, and candid analysis" through "his failure to carefully read the cases, and his exclusive reliance on the work of a junior attorney." OPR Report, p. 253.

Full statement here

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