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Project 2025 is the blueprint to institutionalize dictatorship, says Jim Zirin. Key architects of the Heritage Foundation's plan to return Donald Trump to the White House are intent on dissembling pesident Biden's 2020 victory. 

John Yoo, a former Justice Department official and authorof the infamous torture memos during the Bush administration, has composed a justification for retaliation prosecutions. 

Andy Worthington suggests the US Supreme Court presidential immunity ruling should come as no surprise; 22 years of Guantanamo demonstrated the tyranny of successive administrations.

"Presumptive immunity" from prosecution may impede executive resolve to release victims of American injustice (where if no laws can prevent the president from doing whatever he wants, how was torture criminal in the first place?), BUT ENABLES PRESIDENT BIDEN TO AT LAST DO THE RIGHT THING, independent of political deliberation. With the very legitimacy of American jurisprudence in question, this may be the last best chance to end this deplorable episode of history. But it's going to take determined struggle of masses of people who hate what's transpired in their name; we can't depend on US courts. 

It's easy to forget about Guantánamo Bay, posits Lawrence Douglas.

"Back in the day of George W Bush's misbegotten 'war on terror,' John Yoo, at the time a lawyer in the office of legal counsel, wrote a notorious memo opining that the federal law criminalizing torture would be unconstitutional if applied to the president in times of war. This ominous claim led the senator Patrick Leahy to ask the then attorney teneral Alberto Gonzales, during a congressional hearing, whether the president could legally order genocide. At the time, Gonzales refused to answer, dismissing the question as hypothetical. Now the supreme court has offered a clear and shocking answer to the senator's question,"



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