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"America's monster" Abdul Raziq was trained, armed, even celebrated, by the United States and its allies. American military leaders waged a war outside international law. Reporters Azam Ahmed and Matthieu Aikins spent more than a year investigating abuses by American-sponsored forces in Afghanistan: "The culture of lawlessness and impunity flew in the face of endless promises by American presidents, generals and ambassadors to uphold human rights and build a better Afghanistan." 

It was a mistake to "keep a really bad criminal because he was helpful in fighting worse criminals," reflects Gen. John R. Allen, below. Photo by Bryan Denton:

 A gray-haired man in a pinstriped suit stands on a balcony overlooking Washington.

"According to the accounts, the facility some 18 miles from the Gaza frontier is split into two parts: enclosures where around 70 Palestinian detainees from Gaza are placed under extreme physical restraint, and a field hospital where wounded detainees are strapped to their beds, wearing diapers and fed through straws," reported CNN.

A leaked photograph of an enclosure where detainees in gray tracksuits are seen blindfolded and sitting on paper-thin mattresses. CNN was able to geolocate the hangar in the Sde Teiman facility. A portion of this image has been blurred by CNN to protect the identity of the source.

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