John Yoo's pal knew plan to delay Biden certification was unlawful

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Was John Eastman, former Chapman legal scholar, trying to overthrow  democracy? - Orange County Register

John Eastman conceded that his scheme represented violation of the Electoral Count Act but urged Mike Pence to go ahead anyway, calling it a "minor violation." 

So "minor" that House counsel Douglas Letter quipped "It was so minor it could have changed the entire course of our democracy. It could have meant the popularly elected president could have been thwarted from taking office. That was what Dr Eastman was urging."

Jerry Elsea also hates it when lawyers spin lies for presidents, especially when their "legal" advice "shreds the Constitution and shoves the presidency toward autocracy... 

"When President Biden reviews the election overthrow attempt, will he bring the plotters to justice? Or will he do as Obama did with those who had plunged into the dark domain of torture, simply saying, 'Look forward, not backward?'

"A weaseling out would signal further erosion of justice and a move toward autocracy under a reinstalled Trump or one his acolytes. With the help of crafty attorneys, of course."

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