U.S. Closes PART of Guantanamo Torture Camp

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A front page headline in The New York Times caught our attention Sunday: "Guantanamo Prisoners Move." What? That would be the first time in 19 years prisoners were free to move. But of course they weren't.  Despite the misleading headline, reporter Carol Rosenberg's piece was clear: prisoners had been moved from the notorious secret Camp 7 to camps in the prison where all 40 remaining prisoners are now held.
A Google Earth image of the secretive Camp 7 at Guantánamo Bay.
Camp 7 was built in 2004 to house so-called "high value detainees" after they were held around the globe in "black sites" and tortured. Anything about it has been highly classified. The new film "The Mauritanian," the story of Mohamedou ould Slahi, brought Camp 7 into public consciousness. Only terrible things happened there, and now its physical edifice was collapsing, long after its fake moral edifice crumbled.

Andy Worthington writes this week, "Moving the 'high-value detainees' solves the immediate problem of the broken prison block in which they were living, but it does nothing to solve the bigger problem of the broken prison itself. In the review of the prison's future that Biden administration officials have promised, with the suggestion that the prison's closure is Biden's aim, the six men cleared for release need to be freed, and the administration needs to accept that it cannot continue holding indefinitely men it has no intention of putting on trial, and must charge or release the 22 'forever prisoners,' including the six who are also so-called 'high-value detainees'." Continue reading...

You remember that Obama issued an order to close Guantanamo more than 12 years ago? Biden seems, maybe, to have said he might close the torture camp, if Congress allows it. Which it won't.  For better or worse, each as commander in chief, could order it closed, forcing the issue.

Let the demand be amplified by the people: Close ALL of Guantanamo now!

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