The Coronavirus And Guantánamo's Extraordinarily Vulnerable Prison Population

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"Ever since the coronavirus began its alarming global spread, those who work with, and on behalf of prisoners have been aware of the threat that it poses to those who are incarcerated," writes Andy Worthington, "This applies, as commentators have noted, whilst urging urgent action, to the many million of prisoners worldwide who are imprisoned after being tried and convicted of crimes, as well as, in some countries, political prisoners."

In addition to the endangerment of 2.2 million prisoners in the U.S. -- the largest prison population per capita in the world -- activists highlight the threat to the 40 men illegally incarcerated at Guantánamo Bay, indefintely detained for 12 to 18 years, most without charge or trial. demands immediate release of everyone not convicted of a violent crime, and of asylum seekers and families.

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