What the Guantanamo Prisoners Are Ultimately Asking For is Justice, Not Force Feeding

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Will Trump allow Guantanamo prisoners kill themselves? asks Maha Hilal,
Michael Ratner Middle East Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. "For those on [hunger] strike, rather than feeding the inmates through a tube, Guantanamo authorities appear prepared to allow striking prisoners to suffer serious organ failure -- or possibly even death.

"In other words, the only way out of Guantanamo might be for the prisoners to starve to death on the government's watch," concludes Hilal. "It is the U.S. government's failure to implement justice that has led to the hunger strikes.
"Muslim prisoners who have constantly been vilified in the War on Terror are using this last, dangerous form of resistance -- despite the personal harm it's causing them -- to re-claim ownership over their bodies in a system that has denied them all other levels of agency."

Join World Can't Wait and friends in an orange-jumpsuited contingent, representing the 41 illegally held Guantanamo prisoners, to Refuse Fascism action on November 4. This Nightmare Must End.

In San Francisco, rally at 3pm, Union Square. March begins at 4pm.

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