Professor Jokes About Waterboarding Students

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John Yoo's colleague at the Berkeley Law School will say anything to discredit wind energy. Steven Hayward is on the board of directors for the Institute for Energy Research, a nonprofit whose main contributor is Charles Koch and other 'friends of the earth', and claims wind energy subsidies are not cutting emissions.  

North Dakota physician Lyle G. Best wonders why we should listen to someone with little training in physics, engineering or biology. "Hayward may be of the opinion that mercury and other heavy metals are good for you, sort of like the benefits of 'waterboarding', but I think not." 

Editorials in the Denver Post and the chairman of the University of Colorado faculty assembly found Hayward's statements "border on hate speech." The professor counters that those offended "need to get a sense humor." 

UC Berkeley administrators purport to solicit conservative scholars to counter 'liberal bias'. But "bigotry is not diversity," argue Chris Schaefbauer and Caitlin Pratt. "The academic imperative to promote a diversity of ideas and experiences ends when the ideas being expressed are oppressive and discriminatory." 

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