Berkeley Law Sponsors Alan Dershowitz

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Yes, you read that right.

Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz will be speaking at UC Berkeley, thanks to an invitation from Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, that allows him to bypass a campus rule requiring eight weeks notice for such a speech... 


The last few weeks have demonstrated how inexplicably eager UC administrators have been to welcome far-right speakers to campus; Chancellor Carol Christ leads the pack of misguided academics enabling the advance of totalitarian agenda in universities across the country. 

'Torture Professor' John Yoo's colleague Alan Dershowitz has a particular interest in forms of debilitating pain: "I want more painful. I want maximal pain, minimum lethality. You don't want it to be permanent, you don't want someone to be walking with a limp, but you want to cause the most excruciating, intense, immediate pain. Now, I didn't want to write about testicles, but that's what a lot of people use. I also wanted to be explicit because I didn't want to be squeamish about it. People have asked me whether I would do the torturing and my answer is, yes, I would if I thought it could save a city from being blown up [the universally discredited 'ticking time bomb' scenario]."

We refuse to accept a torture state.

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