Lawyers Won't Save Us From Trump, Says Stanford Law School's Diala Shamas

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Only political organizing and popular mobilization can overturn a Muslim Ban.

"The glorification of lawyers and the courts that took place in the immediate aftermath of the ban was misguided," says Shamas. "This mistaken response was prominent among protesters, academics, journalists and perhaps most predictably, lawyers. And as the struggle moved from the streets and airport terminals to the courts, politicians stopped paying attention. In enabling them to look away, we have done a disservice to those we seek to help."

The reward of amnesty to perpetrators of state-sponsored discrimination and false imprisonment by the U.S. Supreme Court last week serves the interests of a ruling class determined to preserve the status quo of a thoroughly rotten system of exploitation. We must not be fooled by appeals to faith in a 'balance of powers' construct to 'check' the advances of fascism in America. 

"The Trump/Pence Regime will not be bound by the rule of law and the Courts cannot be relied on to stop them," say the folks at "It is on us - on the masses of people, in our millions who hate and fear what this regime is doing - to stand up and say NO!"

Stay tuned for local protest against the reintroduction of the Muslim Ban. And share your plans for national protest, July 15th. Statement here.  

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