Not In the Public Interest: Heritage Foundation Lawyers Complicit in the Crimes of Your Government

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"A grim reality underlies the White House circus," writes Theo Anderson at In These Times. "Trump's election is the culmination of a radical right-wing movement that began with the founding of [the Heritage Foundation] in 1973. . . Trump is that movement's best hope yet for achieving its great dream of gutting government. Heritage isn't an appendage of the Trump administration's radicalism. It's the heart of it."

"If you are looking to understand where the underpinning of the Trump Administration's deregulation, tax breaks for the wealthy, Obamacare repeal and replace alternatives, climate change denial, and privatization agenda will be coming from, look no further than the Washington D.C. based Heritage Foundation, America's most influential right-wing think tank." - Bill Berkowitz for Buzzflash at Truthout 

The last thing humanity needs is for Donald Trump to "make America great again." From the foundational institution of slavery to tireless exploitation of resources across the globe, untold numbers of government lawyers have defended crimes against humanity subsidized by U.S. government. The Heritage Foundation boasts more than its share. Staffers in the Trump administration demonstrate an unsettling disregard for legal limitations on executive power. 

"Many thousands, if not millions, of people in the United States itself are demonstrably sickened, ashamed and angered by their government's actions, but as things stand they are not a coherent political force - yet," said the late British playwright Harold Pinter upon receipt of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005. "But the anxiety, uncertainty and fear which we can see growing daily in the United States is unlikely to diminish."

World Can't Wait urges you to accept the Refuse Fascism challenge:

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