"Cover-Up at Guantanamo"

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372px-Guantanamo_celldoor,_Camp_Delta_-_1.jpgPsychologist/reporter/activist Jeffrey Kaye's new book examines so-called suicides at the Cuba-based U.S. interrogation and detention camp, between 2006 and 2009. 

Among the explosive details revealed in this book is the fact government agents themselves, most likely from NCIS, the very agency charged with investigating the deaths, interfered with the gathering of evidence, ordering the shutdown of Guantanamo's computer database of prison activities within minutes of one detainee's death. Even worse, after the FOIA for this material was filed, the computer logs suddenly went missing! That is only the beginning of the story, as Kaye's investigation shows material evidence was thrown out in the trash, prisoners who were intensely mentally ill were provided with material to kill themselves, and medical personnel turned their backs on detainee complaints of torture... 

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