Dangerous or Not, "Forever Prisoners" Innocent By Law

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A constitutional lawyer, even one trained by UC Berkeley School of Lawfare's Christopher Edley (the former Boalt Hall Dean taught Barack Obama at Yale, provided consultation services for his presidential campaign, and has upheld the President's decision to avoid investigation of criminal actions of the Bush administration), should understand the rule of law. 

Guantanamo prisoner Moazzam Begg challenges President Obama to say "the one thing he hasn't said so far, [which] would make it very difficult not to close Guantanamo... That is to say that those people who have been held without charge or trial and there is no evidence against, are innocent."

"You have had 14 years of the world's most powerful law enforcement security agencies interrogating these guys," Begg adds, "if you don't have the evidence now you never will."

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