No Excuses

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"Blame for Obama's failure to follow through on one of his first acts in office and close this most reprehensible of prisons, the president would say, lies not with him but with Congress, whose bills preventing Guantanamo's closure he continues to sign," writes Charles Davis, teleSUR. 


"Far from altering course, Obama's legacy will be his institutionalizing the national security approach of his predecessor, albeit those of his second term, normalizing that which leading members of his Democratic Party once cast as an obscene break with an idealized past. His biggest change has been replacing boots on the ground with drones [in] the sky, in keeping with the establishment consensus following the disaster that was the last US-led invasion. That has resulted in less men being tortured and detained at Guantanamo, to be sure, but only because they, their children and any 'military-age' bystanders are now dead."

Obama Never Had a Plan to End What Guantánamo Represents

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