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Restoration of livelihood to the wrongfully detained is an obligation that can't be rescinded.The deal foisted on Guantanamo refugees in Uruguay fails to provide stability for the men released. Objections to terms of that agreement are maligned for discouraging sponsorship by other countries. Turning the finger of blame on to victims whose lives it has destroyed sets the bar even lower in how far the US will go to cover up its crimes against humanity.

Dean Sujit Choudhry could make that permanent... will he? 

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2015 law school commencement photo c/o Mario Ivan

FOIA Documents Reveal a John Yoo Unwilling to Address Torture Report

FRONTLINE filmmaker Michael Kirk tells the dramatic story of the fight over the CIA's controversial interrogation methods, widely criticized as torture. Based on recently declassified documents and interviews with key political leaders and CIA insiders, the film investigates what the CIA did -- and whether it worked.

Universal Music Enterprises announced Monday in Los Angeles that the venerable musician will release two new songs, one called "Guantánamo," in his 17-track album of mostly remastered solo work coming out June 30...

"Down in Guantánamo, we still got the ball and chain," goes the refrain.

-- Carol Rosenberg,

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Berkeley Law Shelters a War Criminal: Indict John Yoo

Friday May 15

Berkeley Law Commencement

Hearst Greek Theatre

8:00 am sharp, to be in place for arrival of Processional; Ceremony begins at 9:00 

John Yoo was a UC Berkeley Law professor when he took a leave of absence to accept a position in the Bush Department of Justice. He was the principal legal author of justification for the torture program exposed to the world thru Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Employing a dangerous philosophy of exceptionalism -- that American lives are worth more than other people's lives -- Yoo provided advice and cover for illegal policies inherited and embraced by President Obama. 

Last week's international conference, Reflections on the Legacy of Nuremberg, sponsored by the Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies and the Center for Jewish Studies provided an excellent venue to protest the University of California's advancement of state torture policy. World Can't Wait activists were on hand to demand accountability for John Yoo -- and his enablers.


A university that allows a war criminal to teach constitutional and international law courses to the next generation of lawyers and judges under prejudice of "academic freedom" is protecting war crimes. There is historical precedent for prosecuting Berkeley Law's resident torture advocate. 

In the case U.S. v. Altstoetter, judges, prosecutors, and Ministry of Justice officials who had served the Nazi regime were charged, tried, and convicted of war crimes because their "legal" work enabled the Nazis to carry out the Holocaust under color of law. Recall the role of Adolf Eichmann, sometimes referred to as "the architect of the Holocaust" because he facilitated and managed the logistics of mass deportations of Jews and others to the Nazi extermination camps. His bureaucratic role was critical to the death of millions in the Holocaust

John Yoo utilized his employment in the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel during the Bush regime to promote crimes of torture, massive surveillance, unlawful and indefinite detention, and war. As a direct result of Yoo's legal memos thousands have been subjected to torture, tens of thousands incarcerated, tens of millions spied upon, and a million have died in U.S. imperialist wars. Without the provision of "legal cover" many of these crimes would not have been possible.

End the Silence.

Say NO to normalization of war crimes.

Fire, Disbar and Prosecute John Yoo and ALL the Torture Lawyers.

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