Will Sujit Choudhry Allow John Yoo to "Do It Again"?

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Dick Cheney says he would repeat the torture policies of the Bush administration. Obama snoozes. We can't afford to. The price of justice delayed is justice denied. One hundred and twenty-seven lives are on the line as you read this.

UC Berkeley Law School shelters the former vice president's accomplice and agent of descent into the 'dark side'. When students receive instruction in how to evade the law, we have every reason to challenge the administrators responsible. Accountability is essential if systemic threats to the rule of law are to be corrected.

..Sujit Choudhry, the new Dean of Berkeley Law School, now has the power to hold law professor John Yoo accountable for his actions, as one of the architects of the Bush administration's torture program. In January 2010, Choudhry was a lawyer with the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, and was co-counsel when the BCCLA "appeared as an intervener on behalf of Mr. Khadr" when Canada's Supreme Court ruled that "the Government of Canada violated the Charter rights of Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr."

-- Andy WorthingtonCanadian Appeals Court Rules That Former Guantánamo Prisoner Omar Khadr Should Be Serving a Youth Sentence 

Five years after his defense of one of the youngest victims of America's war of terror (Omar is now 28 and going blind due to injuries endured during his incarceration) Choudhry has an opportunity to discharge the architect of the young man's misery.

Meanwhile, we find ourselves in the inexplicable situation where rule by (not of) law presides, and acceptance of torture threatens our humanity. Will the 'real' Dean stand up?

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