Berkeley Law Shelters a Torturer

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The University of California welcomed 'torture memos' author John Yoo's return to academia in 2004 and continues to refuse investigation of misconduct charges against the professor. We demand application of ethical standards former dean Christopher Edley chose to ignore.

Yoo's rulings caused immeasurable suffering: thousands have been subjected to torture, tens of thousands incarcerated, tens of millions spied upon, and over 600,000 deaths have been attributed to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Despite repudiation by peers, and rejection of his work at the Office of Legal Counsel by the same (Bush) regime that hired him to legalize the unconscionable, Yoo continues to be given credence, advocating for militarization of outer space, a lethal strike on Iran, and the current president's killer drone program.

A university that allows a war criminal to teach constitutional and international law courses to the next generation of lawyers and judges under prejudice of 'academic freedom' is protecting war crimes.

It is our responsibility to call out criminals and enablers alike.

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