anti-torture lawyering in the U.S.

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The total failure to hold the intellectual authors of illegal detention practices accountable obstructs justice for the victims of America's war OF terror. 

"Although the torture policy did not garner the political opposition it deserves, those Americans who have challenged it mainly lawyers - did so because they recognise that torture violates the most basic tenet of the rule of law and is a gross crime under international law (in the same company with genocide and crimes against humanity). Moreover, the prohibition of torture is universal and applicable to all human beings under all circumstances, including in war and conflict. Challengers rejected the Bush administration's proposition that the law could be disregarded or reinterpreted to grant the government the right to systematically abuse and harm people in custody...

Lisa Hajjar traces the detention policy debacle as it has evolved over the last ten years

The use of "Law" to protect war criminals raises questions of legitimacy of the institution itself. But we should not lose sight of those individual practitioners who continue the good fight. When we recognize that the indefinite detention practices of the Obama regime have no moral or legal basis, we are emboldened to demand repudiation.

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