Guantanamo hunger strikers not down for the count

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The Guantánamo prison, whose motto is "safe, humane, legal, transparent detention," announced Tuesday that it will no longer disclose daily hunger-strike figures -- abandoning a practice that allowed the public to see the rise and fall of the captives' nearly year-long protest...

It bottomed out at 11 prisoners counted as hunger-strikers on Nov. 15 but had risen as of Monday -- the last day the prison disclosed the hunger-strike figure -- to 15 captives so thin they were eligible for forced-feeding through nasogastric tubes if they didn't voluntarily chug a dose of Ensure...

But [Navy Commander John] Filostrat alternately described the daily disclosure as a disruption of prison-camp operations and as a new public-relations strategy by the Joint Task Force, or JTF, of 2,100 
troops and contractors assigned to the prison-camp complex now housing 164 detainees.

Marine General John Kelly orders silence from prison staff


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