thanks to John Kiriakou,

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the CIA's torture program was exposed as policy, rather than the actions of a few rogue agents

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Since his ordeal became public, Kiriakou has inspired a groundswell of support across the country from civil rights activists and concerned citizens. Many are contributing to the John Kiriakou Support Fund, established to mitigate the financial hardship his family is experiencing. Last month, prominent artist Robert Shetterley honored Kiriakou with a portrait (left), painted as part of a series focused on truth-telling Americans. In addition, Kiriakou received the 2012 Joe A. Callaway Award for Civic Courage in November 2012. Currently, he is one of the subjects of an Academy Award- -nominated documentarian's upcoming film on the mistreatment of intelligence whistleblowers. Today and throughout Kiriakou's imprisonment, GAP [the Government Accountability Project] and its supporters will defend his cause on social media with regular updates...

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