"John Kiriakou is a name we should try to remember...

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Last Friday, John Kiriakou, a CIA analyst and counter-terrorism officer from 1990 to 2004, was sentenced to 30 months in prison after pleading guilty to leaking the identity of another covert CIA officer to a journalist - a violation of 1982's Intelligence Identities Protection Act. In reading the many articles on the case, one is likely to notice the frequent linkage of the word "first" with the name "Kiriakou." -- Michael Youhana, The Odd Politics Behind Torture  

After all the hand wringing during the Bush Administration with its newly 
minted 'War on Terror' and allegations of Executive over reach, he was the 
one person who stood up and said 'yes we torture'. His background of being a 
career CIA operative lent weight to his statements. With George Bush's very 
public admission later that he personally gave the go ahead to the various
forms of waterboarding, sleep deprivation, cramming detainees into small 
boxes for days on end, and the 'cold rooms' where water would be splashed on
freezing inmates all were told to us first by Mr. Kiriakou.

As with members of the military, all government officials have to swear
an oath to uphold our Constitution, not to any one branch of government
or official. In good conscience he felt what was going on was a betrayal
of that document and the nation needed to know. Did the torturers and
those who authorized it get called to account? Not yet anyway. Who is
going to prison? John Kiriakou the whistleblower. Even the man who
knowingly destroyed the tapes made during these illegal tortures, in
itself a federal crime and one that brought down the Nixon Administration
if you recall, is serving no prison time. Rather than that he is criss-
crossing the country touting his book and talking up the benefits of
torture. All those on the left, right and center would do well to
remember the name of John Kiriakou as we lose our civil liberties one by
one. You can add Bradley Manning and Julian Assange to that short list as

Mike Caggiano
SMPA [San Mateo Peace Action] Prez.

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