After We Torture Our Prisoners

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by David Rovics
c/o Lyrics Mania

davidrovics.jpgWe'll get rid of the dictator, rebuild your country Make sure all your kids go to school We'll clean up the cities, get the sewage plants running 
Institute parliamentary rule We'll bring you autonomy, senators and judges And a shiny new blue banner We'll bring you pride and prosperity, food in your bellies In every home a phone, fax and scanner 
After we torture our prisoners...
We'll bring you decades of peace, spiritual release Free religious expression You can say what you want in the papers you run We'll never force a confession After we torture our prisoners The oil will flow just where it should go Across the desert and into the sea And you'll thank your God and the CIA That finally you are free After we torture our prisoners You'll all be safe with us to protect you And keep you out of harm's way You'll thank creation and your liberation From the dark into a new day After we torture our prisoners You can all jump for joy, each girl and boy And look boldly into the distance You'll be so happy for all that we've done For such invaluable assistance After we torture our prisoners You won't have to worry about tyrants and bullies Now that you have sovereignty You can hold your head high, kiss Saddam goodbye Say hello to democracy After we torture our prisoners

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