"The hoods were not for the prisoners...

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The hoods were a permission -- Michael Broek


"The Logic of Yoo" explores the ambiguities of language that lead to evil. In it, the main character is a paid plagiarizer, someone who uses language for unethical purposes. When a PhD student commissions him to write a paper on the Bush Administrations' John Yoo and the now infamous "torture memos", the writer is forced to confront the slippery dark that resides in all of us, our complicity in the creation of language, law, and the roots of cultural collusion. Starting with the student who wants to buy the paper, all the way to those hired to conduct waterboarding interrogations, the Plagiarizer/narrator comes to indict himself as well, because from under the "hood" of his own complacent complicity, he looks into a mirror and sees "Yoo."            Street art of a hooded detainee by The 2 Tone Man

Boston Playwright's Theater, March 9, 2013

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