a decade of tortured law nothing to celebrate

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As accomplices in the criminal activities of the Obama regime solemnize the re-election of their 'Assassin-in-Chief' president, Berkeley Law commemorates a legacy of war crimes and human rights abuse.

Ten years of accommodation for the radical views of torture advocate John Yoo shames the institution and alumni alike.

What kind of intellectual environment has produced this kind of thinking?

"Today we are here to challenge Professor Christopher Edley, Jr, dean of Boalt Hall at the UC-Berkeley School of Law, as a former civil rights attorney, as well as the rest of the law faculty at Boalt Hall to respond to a national emergency. That national emergency is that their profession - the academic legal profession and the universities that have trained them - has produced an ideology that claims to justify what used to be considered crimes of totalitarian governments, namely arbitrary detention, torture, trials before military commissions without any civil due process, not just as emergency measures required during a state of war but as legally based on the United States Constitution. -- David Sylvester, 2006

An anti-war activist dressed as an Abu Ghraib prison inmate during a protest outside the UC Berkeley School of Law. Photo by Riya Bhattacharjee, Berkeley Daily Planet 

Is there hope for the rule of law in America?

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