August 1st: another grim anniversary to note

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"As the months pass in this 10th anniversary year, a handful of astute journalists will remember some of the other events and their 10th anniversaries -- the notorious "torture memos" of August 1, 2002, for example, also known as the Bybee memos, which were written by John Yoo, an attorney in the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel (and another member of Dick Cheney's inner circle), and signed by Yoo's boss, Jay S. Bybee. Those two memos sought to redefine torture so that torture techniques like waterboarding could be used by the CIA. -- Andy Worthington

Women Against Military Madness will join Tackling Torture at the Top and others at the Federal Building in Minneapolis to protest the lack of accountability for those who authorized torture in our name.

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