tolerating torture: when "academic freedom" kills

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32867a-thumb-275x168-thumb-500x305.jpgThe preaching platform that the University of California provides John Yoo enables the professor's continued assault on civil liberties and human rights. Protection of the "torture professor" illustrates the extent to which political calculation supplants ethical deliberation by the university to provide principled leadership. 

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the willingness to defend persistent and deeply rooted forms of racial, economic and social inequality is often driven by a fear of those deemed 'other', whose presence, voices and ideas defy the crippling registers of intellectual conformity and forms of knowledge that merely reinforce 'common sense', the status quo and right-wing populism...

Tolerance, indeed promotion, of Yoo works to constrain challenge to official narratives and policies of the torture state, and suppresses redress of the injustice, even death, suffered by its victims.

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