Yoo's Views, interrupted

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c/o George Mason University's History News Network: 

The annual meeting of the American Political Science Association was briefly interrupted this afternoon when a woman protesting the appearance of Bush administration official John Yoo loudly denounced him from the floor when he began to speak...


Earlier in the day, minus Yoo, Berkeley Law dean Christopher Edley (photographed below at 2008 Boalt Hall graduation) moderated a panel on the aftermath of 9/11. Speakers acknowledged the righteousness of protesters stationed outside, but denied academic responsibility for challenging the crimes committed by their colleague.

World Can't Wait urges students to confront the crimes of their government -- the wars OF terror unleashed on the world, and the attacks on our own civil liberties in an attempt to silence resistance to the national security state -- and to stand in solidarity with the victims of these policies.

No matter how far an institution will go to legitimize the crimes of Torture and Illegal Surveillance, we will find ways to act in opposition to the University of California's complicity in war crime.

Together we say NO! to the continued employment of Torture Professor John Yoo and the safe harbor that the university provides for this war criminal.  

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