Torture is Torture, no matter Where it occurs

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The prohibition against torture is universal. Meaning it is always wrong. There is no "torture lite".


Americans with no experience deceive themselves when they think that U.S. torture is somehow more "humane" than the practice in other countries. "Ranking" of severity is arbitrary and irrelevant. Physical scars aside, "the mark of torture is more inside than out," says one survivor

Torture, whatever its guise, is always immoral. Whether if happens "at home" or abroad. But it should really give us pause that it is happening right under our noses, in prisons all around us, in this country.

The choice of whether or not to torture serves as s a litmus test of the moral character of a people. And acquiescence to torture is a measure of degradation of that character and culture. 

Our determination to stop torture, and cruel and unusual punishment, is not prescribed by whether Pelican Bay, California is worse than Guantanamo, but should be applied everywhere we find the practice. Our own backyard is one place to begin.

Support the hunger strikers across California, and beyond, as they continue to fight for basic human rights. 

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