A message to Dean Edley: the prohibition against torture is not negotiable

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Dean Edley
Essentially worthless legal concepts are being packaged and sold as if they represented valid jurisprudence. Take enemy combatant as an example of a junk concept. The point of this neologism is clear - it's an end run around the Constitution to allow things that are wildly impermissible. An enemy combatant is neither a criminal nor a soldier, and hasn't the rights of either. Where did we get "enemy combatants" from? Junk peddlers like John Yoo and Michael Mukasey...

Last year, Christopher Edley (photo left) assessed Obama's performance: "I wouldn't give as high a grade as President as I gave him when he was my student. I know he can do better." Hmmm... harsh words from a mentor. Just what kind of example does the law school dean offer?

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