Forever Guantanamo

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 It seems these days that the best way to get out of Guantanamo - other than to die - is to plead guilty to charges, Hajjar says [EPA]

On March 7, when president Barack Obama signed an executive order (E0) that varnishes the framework of indefinite detention without trial, he put the final nail in the coffin of his day-two promise to close Guantanamo. 

Those detainees who, in the government's view, can not be tried but are too dangerous to release will continue to be subject to "law of war detention" because they are deemed by official reviewers "in effect, [to] remain at war with the United States".

This means that Guantanamo can remain open as long as the "war on terror" continues. Not only is there no end in sight, no one is even speculating about what the end might look like...

Guantanamo is an evolutionary experiment

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