Holder BURIES chance for prosecution of war criminals

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A new "Professional Misconduct Review Unit" will handle disciplinary action stemming from Office of Professional Responsibility findings, in which intentional or reckless professional misconduct is alleged. The unit will decide whether evidence and the law back those OPR discoveries. It will also take over from OPR the responsibility for deciding whether the misconduct merits referral to the prosecutor's state bar association for discipline...

Federal judges have long grumbled that the department's internal ethics process seemed rigged to sweep embarrassments under the rug. The new review unit doesn't appear to address those concerns, because it won't review cases where prosecutors weren't found by OPR to have committed misconduct (i.e. the David Margolis review). 

see Former Holder Chief of Staff to Lead New Misconduct Unit

meanwhile, court rules government can continue to suppress detainee statements

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