Close Guantanamo with Justice, Now!

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On the ninth anniversary of Guantanamo, a circle of "detainees" in jumpsuits and hoods stood silently in witness - as the names of the 173 detainees* still being held at Guantanamo (including Abdelrazak Ali Abdelrahmanrepresented by our friend Candace Gorman) were read aloud. 

Journalist Elaine Pasquini and photographer Phil Pasquini captured the action:

Local Activists Protest Guantanamo Bay

4. Obama Stop Torture Now!.jpg


SAN FRANCISCO, CA (1/11)- On January 11, human rights activists held a protest inside the James R. Browning United States Courthouse, calling for the closure of the U.S.-run prison at Guantanamo Bay and an end to torture and other inhumane practices.

"Today is the ninth anniversary of the opening of the illegal, immoral prison at Guantanamo Bay set up under the Bush-Cheney regime and continuing now under the Obama administration," World Can't Wait member Stephanie Tang told the small crowd gathered inside the marble entryway of the federal building. "Failing to fulfill the executive order he signed at the start of his administration, President Obama has continued indefinite detention, blocking accountability for torture both by refusing to conduct independent and thorough investigations and by attempting to prevent the courts from reviewing lawsuits brought by formerly detained men." A lawsuit against San Jose-Based Jeppesen Dataplan, Inc. by plaintiffs Binyam Mohamed, Abou Elkassim Britel, Ahmed Agiza, Mohamed Farag Ahmad Bashmilah and Bisheral-Rawi is one case blocked by both the Bush and Obama administrations fromproceeding to justice. In December the five plaintiffs petitioned the U.S Supreme Court to review their case.

In addition to The World Can't Wait, hundred of other organizations, including Amnesty International and the Center for Constitutional Rights, called on the Obama administration to recommit to rapidly closing Guantanamo and to acknowledge that many of the prisoners were detained in error. In addition, the groups demand the prisoners be either charged or released and that the government abandon plans for indefinite detention. The Obamaadministration has declared it will hold some 50 of the men indefinitely without charge or trial and to formalize indefinite detention through an executive order.

In closing, seven human rights activists, dressed in orange jumpsuits and black hoods, read the names of the 173 detainees still incarcerated in the controversial site.

Phil & Elaine Pasquini

photo © Phil Pasquini all rights reserved worldwide

video of DC action here

*NOTE: the following names include the 173 detainees still at Guantanamo, plus another 6 who have been relocated to other prisons (government withholding identification):

 Shaker Aamer

Yusef Abbas

Mahmoud Abd al Aziz Abd al Mujahid

Allal Ab Aljallil Abd al Rahman

Muieen A Deen Jamal A Deen Abd al Fusal Abd al Sattar

Abd al Malik Abd al Wahab

Abdelrazak Ali Abdelrahman

Omar Hamzayavich Abdulayev

Hajiakbar Abdulghupur

Omar Khalifa Mohammed Abu Bakr

Mohammed Rajab Sadiq Abu Ghanim

Abdul Rabbani Abd al Rahim Abu Rahman

Omar Said Salem Adayn

Haroon al Afghani

Muhammad Rahim al Afghani

Ahmed Adnan Ahjam

Majid Mahmud Abdu Ahmad

Abdul Rahman Ahmed

Fahmi Abdullah Ahmed

Abu Bakr Ibn Ali Muhhammad Alahdal

Moath Hamza Ahmed al Alwi

Abd al Aziz Ali

Djamel Saiid Ali Ameziane

Muhammad Ahmad Abdallah al Ansi

Jalal Salam Awad Awad

Waqas Mohammed Ali Awad

Fouzi Khalid Abdullah al Awda

Saad Masir Mukbl Al Azani

Ahamed Abdel Aziz

Tarek Ali Abdullah Ahmed Baada

Ali Hamza Ahmad Suliman al Bahlul

Ismael Ali Farag al Bakush

Sufyian Barhoumi

Abdul Khaled Ahmed Sahleh al Bedani

Ahmed Bin Saleh Bel Bacha

Bensayah Belkacem

Ghaleb Nassar al Bihani

Tolfiq Nassar Ahmed al Bihani

Ramzi Bin al Shibh

Lotfi Bin Ali

Mahmmoud Omar Mohammed Bin Atef

Hassan Mohammed Ali Bin Attash

Walid Bin Attash

Abdul Haddi Bin Hadiddi

Zahar Omar Hamis Bin Hamdoun

Muhhammad Said Bin Salem

Adil Said al Haj Obeid al Busayss

Mohammed Ali Abdullah Bwazir

Shawki Awad Balzuhair

Ahmed Muhammed Haza al Darbi

Khalid Mohammed Salih al Dhuby

Jihad Ahmed Mujstafa Diyab

Gouled Hassan Dourad

Mohammed Ahmad Said al Edah

Abd al Hadi Omar Mahmoud Faraj

Mullah Mohammad Fazl

Abdul Ghani

Fahed Abdullah Ahmad Ghazi

Salem Abdul Salem Ghereby

Awal Gul

Khi Ali Gul

Salem Ahmed Hadi

Nabil Hadjarab

Mohammed Ahmed Said Haidel

Abdel Ghalib Ahmad Hakim

Hambali (Riduan Isamuddin)


Ali Sher Hamidullah

Mohammed Abdullah al Hamiri

Emad Abdalla Hassan

Said Muhammed Salih Hatim

Mustafa Ahmed al Hawsawi

Ahmed Umar Abdullah al Hikimi

Abdul al Salam al Hilal

Fadil Husayn Salih Hintif

Adel Bin Ahmed Bin Ibrahim Hkiml

Ibrahim Othman Ibrahim Idris


Abd al Hadi al Iraqi

Yasin Qasem Muhammad Ismail

Saeed Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah Sarem Jarabh

Mohammed Kamin

Faiz Mohammed Ahmed al Kandari

Bostan Karim

Kamalludin Kasimbekov

Sanad Yislam al Kazimi

Omar Ahmed Khadr

Khirullah Said Wali Khairkhwa

Majid Khan

Shawali Khan

Asim Thahit Abdullah al Khalaqi

Saidullah Khalik

Muhammed Ali Hussein Khnenah

Mohammed Nasir Yahya Khusruf

Abu Faraj al Libbi

Lillie (Mohammed Nazir Bin Lep)

Musab Omar Ali al Madoonee

Bashir Nasir Ali al Marwalah

Sharaf Ahmad Muhammad Masud

Hail Aziz Ahmad al Maythal

Abdul Malik

Ravil Mingazov

Ahmed Mohamed

Haji Wali Mohammed

Hussein Salem Mohammed

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbel

Abdel Qadir Hussein al Mudhaffari

Abd al Rahman Abdullah Ali Muhammad

Noor Uthman Muhammed

Sulaiman Awath Sulaiman Bin Ageel al Nahdi

Said Salih Said Nashir

Abd al Rahim al Nashiri

Abdul Latif Nasir

Jamil Ahmed Said Nassir

Mullah Norullah Noori


Mohammad Nabi Omari

Abdul Bin Mohammed Bin Abess Ourgy

Saifullah Paracha

Khalid Abd Jal Jabbar Muhammad Juthman al Qadasi

Ahmed Abdul Qader

Idris Ahmed Abdu Qader Idris

Jabran Said Wazar al Qahtani

Mohammed al Qahtani

Said Muhammad Husyan Qahtani

Khaled Qasim

Mansoor Muhammed Ali Qattaa

Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al Qosi

Sabri Mohammed Ebrahim al Qurashi

Mahrar Rafat al Quwari

Abdul Rahman Umir Al Qyati

Mohammed Ahmad Ghulam Rabbani

Salman Yahya Hassan Mohammed Rabeii

Ali Ahmad Muhammad al Rahizi

Ali Yahya Mahdi al Raimi

Omar Mohammed Ali al Rammah

Abdul Razak

Mashur Abdallah Muqbil Ahmed al Sabri

Ahmed Yaslam Said Kuman

Mohammed Ahmed Salam

Fahmi Salem Said al Sani

Tariq Mahmoud Ahmed al Sawah

Mutij Sadiz Ahmad Sayab

Abdul al Saleh

Ayoub Murshid Ali Saleh

Abdul Rahman Mohamed Saleh Naser

Mohammed Ali Salem al Zarnuki

Ali Husein Shaaban

Abdul Rahman Shalabi

Abdullah Yahia Yousf al Shabli

Mustafa Abdul Qawi Abdul Aziz al Shamyri

Zuhail Abdo Anam Said al Sharabi

Ghassan Abdullah al Sharbi

Abdu Ali al Haji Sharqawi

Yunis Abdurrahman Shokuri

Mohammad al Rahman al Shumrani

Abdul al Razzaq Muhammad Salih

Mohamedou Ould Slahi

Hisham Bin Ali Bin Amor Sliti

Mohammed Mustafa Sohail

Abdul Aziz Abdullah Ali al Suadi

Abdul Rahman Abdul Abu Ghityh Sulayman

Fayiz Ahmad Yahia Suleiman

Ashraf Salim Abd al Salam Sultan

Mohammed Abdullah Tahamuttan

Uthman Abdul Rahim Mohammed Uthman

Hamoud Abdullah Hamoud Hassan al Wady

Muktar Yahya Najee al Warafi

Abdul Haq Wasiq

al Khadr Abdallah Muhammed al Yafi

Ridah Bin Saleh al Yazidi

Slah Muhamed Salih al Zabe

Abdul Zahir

Mohommod Zahir

Muhammed Murdi Issa al Zahrani

Walid Said Bin Said Zaid

Zubair (Mohd Farik Bin Amin)

Abu Zubaydah     








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