Call It What It Is: Torture

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Some want to claim that equating the torture techniques used by the Bush administration with those used by the Nazis is unforgivable hyperbole. Sadly, it isn't. It's indisputable fact. And one man responsible for it, Stanley McChrystal, was rewarded with promotion and now teaches at Yale. And another man who twisted the law to make it happen, John Yoo, teaches at Berkeley.

...the Nazi Verschaerfte Vernehmung technique of cold baths, dowsing with cold water, use of ice cold hoses, and air-conditioners - was a specifically approved technique by president Bush and vice-president Cheney.

Left, the chilling motto "No Blood, No Foul" of Camp Nama, c/o Human Rights Watch report, "Soldiers' Accounts of Detainee Abuse in Iraq" 

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