Alaska "Torture" Convention May 4-6, 2011

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The Alaska Bar Association has chosen John Yoo as keynote speaker for their annual convention, not without controversy:

The Alaska Bar Association has kicked up a major fuss by inviting Professor John C. Yoo to speak to its state convention in Fairbanks this spring. As an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Office of Legal Counsel, working for Attorney General Gonzales during the George W. Bush presidency, Yoo wrote a number of legal opinions which have incited controversy and profound disagreement, particularly for their extremely expansionist interpretation of presidential powers under the "commander in chief" clause. But the opinion which has given fits to legal communities here and around the globe provided the Bush administration with a justification for its use of torture, famously providing the "newspeak" definition of "torture" as not including "waterboarding"...

Waterboard torture isn't topic we can take lightly

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