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UPDATE: While nonviolent resisters are being sent to prison, those responsible for the use of torture manuals at the SOA have never even been charged for their crimes. Father Louis and David are presently in a Georgia county jail. Write to prisoners David Omandi, a member of the Catholic Workers from Los Angeles and Father Louis Vitale, a Francisan priest from California.

David Omondi, c/o The Los Angeles Catholic Worker, 632 N. Brittania St., Los Angeles, CA 90033.  
Louis' mail may be sent to the Nuclear Resister for forwarding at P.O. Box 43383, Tucson, AZ 85733.
c/o Pace e Bene: Fr. Louis Vitale sentenced

Franciscan peacemaker and Pace e Bene co-founder Fr. Louie Vitale appeared in a Columbus, GA courtroom this morning where he was sentenced by US Magistrate Stephen Hylas to six months in federal prison for crossing the line at the School of the Americas at Ft. Benning this past Saturday.  He began serving his sentence immediately...
When we learn how to contact Louie, we will post this on the Pace e Bene website.

one of 26 28 people arrested at SOA vigil


Amidst a heightened police presence around the gates of Ft. Benning... thousands heeded the call of "We are One America!" and manifested their opposition to the School of the Americas and oppressive U.S. foreign policy.  The voices of torture survivors, immigrant farm workers, people of faith, students, musicians and activists carried the message of peace with justice over the barbed-wire fences, guns, and lies that protect the School of Assassins. 

left, Louie reads from "Reckoning with Torture" (scroll about 5 minutes into video) October 15

"I believe torture is wrong, and I won't tolerate it. If there were only four people here, I'd still be with them. - Lisa Porter, Berkeley

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