Ohio University students speak out against John Yoo appearance,

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updated Nov 6

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About 15 protesters wearing black bags over their heads sat silently through professor John Yoo's lecture forum yesterday at Baker Center Theater. The lecture, which is part of the Washington Forum, is titled "Crisis and Command" after Yoo's most recent book. Pat Holmes reports. (photo by Lisa Bernheim)

'Torture' official the wrong choice for George Washington Forum,

"As a group of concerned history students, we feel obligated to speak out against the invitation of Yoo precisely because of his well-documented involvement in the disregard the U.S. Constitution and the American tradition of opposing torture practices as official policy, through the authoring of the 'torture memos.' We are unimpressed with the defense that Yoo's status as a 'consequential figure' in recent U.S. history merits such an appearance. Those defending the invitation on the basis of free speech should also take note of Yoo's documented rejection and open pursuit to eliminate the 4th and 8th amendments of the U.S. Constitution for non-U.S. citizens...

schedule counter-event for 5pm Monday, Baker Center room 242. Report here

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