Bolton and Yoo: Why Rush to Cut Nukes?

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Bolton and Yoo: Why Rush to Cut Nukes?

The Moustache and The Lawyer team up to write the stupidest op-ed in the known universe, making the case that the Founding Fathers' constitutional intent, recently reaffirmed and ratified by The People, would be to deny ratification of nuclear-arms treaties, which as we all know, was a burning issue in the late 18th century. But seriously. Isn't the Boalt School of Law at U.C. Berkeley just a wee bit embarrassed that it still employs (the tenured) John Yoo? What were the editors of The New York Times thinking? Why would they publish something this ridiculous? - TAPPED

It seems to be a conviction, shared by Yoo and Bolton, that the US should make its own rules on the world arena and damn the consequences. As Bolton himself once said:

There is not that much difference between me and the people who want a world where no government has nuclear weapons. I only want one government to have nuclear weapons.

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