new WikiLeaks release

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documents describe Iraqis torturing Iraqi detainees, sometimes using electrocution, electric drills and in some cases even executing detainees...

US military knew of the abuses, the documents suggest, but reports were sent up the chain of command marked "no further investigation"...

image-118443-galleryV9-yjgy.jpgThe Suffering of Civilians

The war logs show that the victims of the Iraq war are not only soldiers and insurgents, but mainly civilians. This photo shows an Iraqi girl squatting among blood stains on the side of a street in Tal Afar on Jan. 18, 2005. She has just lost her parents. US soldiers opened fire on their car after it failed to stop and came toward the troops, despite warning shots. According to the report of the operation, the car did not react to a stop signal. The soldiers shot first at the tires and then at the car itself. The mother and father died, but the four children survived.

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documents also suggest "hundreds" of civilians were killed at US military checkpoints after the invasion in 2003... US kept records of civilian deaths, despite previously denying it.

Much more on war logs here

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