Yoo Watch: Orinda, CA

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Thursday May 20, 2010

Thanks to World Can't Wait, Code Pink, Progressive Democrats of America and National Accountability Action Network activists, John Yoo's wall of privilege was breached once again. Until a number of torture supporters demanded that reluctant Orinda Country Club staff remove us from the premises, despite advertisement that the event was open to the public, we were able to distribute "Truth about Torture" brochures and engage with a few quite nasty members of Lamorinda Republican Women Federated (event sponsor; Chaplain Kandi Kaufman gets the prize for most vitrolic of the group).

We've pledged to be out there protesting the Torture Professor at every opportunity. Please tip us off to any Bay Area appearances or sightings of Berkeley's infamous War Criminal John Yoo by phoning us at 415 864-5153, or by emailing sf@worldcantwait.org .

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