Torture: What should a lawyer do?

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Photo: John Yoo (right) joined a panel discussion on privacy rights with David Cole. Protesters from World Can't Wait shouted 'torture' at Yoo.
John Yoo (right) joined a panel discussion on privacy rights with David Cole, April 14 2008. Protesters from World Can't Wait shouted 'torture' at Yoo.

"what is critical--as a moral, historical, and legal matter--is that we acknowledge in some official manner that what was done in our name was not just a terrible idea, not just an unfortunate mistake whose consequences we will live with for a long, long time. It was illegal. That accountability can take many forms. But what is unacceptable is to proceed as if no wrongs were done... - David Cole

see US Crimes Without Punishment, New York Review of Books May 27
(World Can't Wait CRIMES ARE CRIMES ad appears page 17 of this issue)

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here are some speakers talking regarding torture. these were taken at the open forum of the UN review of US policy regarding human rights. this portion of the forum was in Berkeley, at the bancroft hotel, across the street from boalt hall. this year is the first time ever the UN is reviewing the United States in this manner.

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