John Yoo on immigration: auction visas to highest bidders

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John Yoo

This all leaves me wondering why the better solution is not to auction off the right to enter the country to work (a voucher system applied to visa's), and then use the proceeds to fund better border control. Visa's are just a way to ration the numbers of people who enter the country, but the way we do it, they are not distributed with any reason. Why not let the market perform this function rather than the government, which I don't trust to make the right allocation (for the same reason, I think education is better funded through vouchers rather than a public monopoly in schools -- same goes for health care too). In fact, those who enter the country legally would have an interest in making sure the border was controlled -- if it is not, then the property value of their visas will drop.

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so much for "the tired, the poor, the huddled masses"

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